at the future consortium, in keeping with our progressive philosophy, we release mix CDs of our djs instead of the traditional mix tapes.

the CDs are professionally designed, and packaged in full color. they are digitally recorded and mastered for minimal degradation in signal quality. now you can listen to your favorite djs without any compromises in audio fidelity - and most CDs have track listings, photos, and other dj information.

tfc CDs are currently available at the following locations: Avalon (Pittsburgh, PA), Grand Poo-Bas (Cleveland, OH), Fame Records (Akron, OH), and Culture 7 Records (Columbus, OH).

we have not yet implemented any online ordering facility. if you have any interest in ordering tfc cds online, please email geekboy.

to play the audio files available here, you will need a suitable decoder for your particular computer. to download one for the VQF format (recommended - the audio quality is better, and the files are smaller) go to for the MP3 format, go to


survival tactics

one of pittsburgh's foremost drum and bass djs throws down a blend of dark, angry tech-step. better wear a flak jacket - or two.
audio: vqf [40kbps,4.2m, 14:20]
mp3 [64kbps,6.7m, 14:20]



this up-and-comer from kent, ohio, is one of the more prolific on our roster, spinning tech house. this CD is a good representation of his current style.
audio: vqf [40kbps,4.3m, 14:47]
mp3 [64kbps,6.9m, 14:47]


bare connections

hard, mindbending techno is hubajube's trademark, and this mix never strays far from the fundamental godfather genre. don't expect anything organic here.
audio: vqf [40kbps,4.3m, 14:45]
mp3 [64kbps,6.9m, 14:45]